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By Becks Fowkes, Education Outreach Officer

I first visited Ysgol Pen Barras on 24th April. Following my assembly and workshops, the eco-council set to work raising money and awareness, ably supported by Year 3 & 4 teacher Mrs Parry.  First, the students picked a theme: how different people live around the world. 

The children chose to study Indonesia and they built a treehouse (on the ground!) and a boat to help them understand what it feels like to grow up in the forests of Indonesia. 

They were very interested to find out about the work Size of Wales is doing with its partners in Indonesia. Year 3 & 4 children co-operated to create stalls for a ‘green morning’ and then opened their stalls to the rest of the school. They made an astounding £378 – well done Ysgol Pen Barras!

The children were so pleased with the success of their fund-raising initiative, they discussed as a class what to do next, then they all wrote emails to me at Size of Wales to share the good news about what they had done to help. I really enjoyed reading all of their ideas. Mrs Parry invited me to come in and hear all about the day in a celebration assembly where members of the eco-council presented me with a cheque.  I can’t wait to see what they will do next!

Here is one of the emails I was fortunate enough to receive:

Dear Becks,
On Tuesday morning, we held a ‘Green Morning’ in the school hall. We collected £378 pounds to help you plant trees in the rainforest. I was surprised because a lot of people came to our stand.
In our group were Gronw and myself. We decided to have a stand where you guess the number of sweets in the jar. The best thing was that 4 people won the jar. Our idea was perfect, we didn’t have to change anything!
Hopefully the money helps you.

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