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Ever fancied a private comedy gig in the comfort of your own home with all your friends, family and some of the best Welsh comedians on the circuit? Ever dreamt of spending the night on a remote island with a loved one? There are fantastic prizes to be won and much fun to be had on Go Green Day 2012.

Friday 19 October people around Wales are Going Green for the rainforest, and we’re sure you’ll want to be part! It’s very easy. Simply wear something green for a small donation of £2 and send us a photo of yourself with friends and colleagues for the chance to win a prize. We can guarantee that the day will end with a smile on your face and a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing you have helped protect trees, people and animals in some of the world’s most precious rainforests.

Plans are really coming together. People in Wrexham are getting their green wigs out and putting on a Go Green gig, while staff and students at Bangor University are selling green wristbands and sharing some green ‘fancy dress love’ around campus.  Staff at the National Assembly for Wales will be taking part, as well as school pupils and office staff around the country, who are wearing green for the day and selling home-made green iced cakes.

Have a look at all the resources available to make it easy for you to get involved. For more ideas on all the creative ways you can help raise money for the rainforest by going green – click here!

For inspiration on what you could wear on the day, have a look at the photos we took  of people at Green Man Festival last month, posing in their finest greenery along with our friends, the stilt-walking tree people.

Why not ask your colleagues and friends to sponsor you to do something green?  You could sit in a bath of green beans or even dye your hair green for a day? We’re already hearing about one office who plan to sponsor their manager to staff the reception desk for the afternoon, while wearing a green wig!  We’ve got a sponsorship form and posters to help you tell everyone what you’re up to. You can also set up your own my donate page. Go on…go green to help protect the world’s most threatened rainforests!

And remember, you can win prizes by taking part in Go Green Day, including one for best photo.  So make sure you capture your green Friday frivolities on camera and send them in to us!

by Steve Smith, Events Assistant, Size of Wales.

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