Why did Mr Lansing destroy his class’ rainforest display?

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Nigel Little, our Education Outreach Officer for South and West Wales visited Dinas Powys Primary School recently. He spoke to the Eco Council about issues relating to climate change and arranging a fundraising event. Nigel also delivered deforestation and rainforest workshops to year 4 classes. This case study highlights perfectly how our visits can support classroom teaching.

Mr Lansing told me that following my visit the pupils created a rainforest display for their classroom wall.

The day after they’d finished their wonderful rainforest wall the children arrived in school to see that their display had been vandalised with a big strip torn down the middle of it!

They had an in-class investigation to find out who had done it and why. Finally, to the children’s surprise, Mr Lansing came clean and admitted that he’d done it, he’d committed the crime! He then went on to explain that this was happening every day in the world’s rainforests – beautiful and vital habitat is being destroyed.

Pupils then reflected back in class discussion and debate, and creative writing how they felt about Mr Lansing’s actions.

My workshop had explained to the pupils how human activity was destroying tropical forests, and Mr Lansing was able to take that lesson one step further by encouraging the pupils’ ownership of the display and then destroying it. He really brought to life the sense of shock and outrage at the senseless destruction of rainforest habitat.
A first-rate piece of teaching!

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