Wales leads the way in fight against climate change

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Wales is set to become the first country in the world to mobilise a national response to climate change.

At our recent launch by HRH the Prince of Wales of the Size of Wales project, speakers and guests heard that the country was poised to help sustain an equivalent area of tropical forest in Africa, reaping benefits for communities both there and at home.

Welsh organisations and individuals are asked to support the initiative by working on conservation projects in Africa and making donations towards their running.

‘An area the size of Wales is frequently used to measure the rate of forest destruction around the world,’ said Size of Wales Project Manager Hannah Scrase at the National Botanic Gardens launch event.

‘This project turns the negative use of our nation’s size on its head, and encourages people to help protect an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of Wales.

‘This is the first country in the world to mobilise such a unique national response to the problem of forest destruction and climate change. By protecting two million hectares of rainforest, we hope to make lasting links with forest projects in Africa.’

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