Size of Wales Lockdown Creative Writing Challenge

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Social distancing measures mean our time in nature may be limited by how often we are able to step outside our front doors. Or, we may have access to a garden habitat and be content to brave the cold in search of dormant minibeasts. Whatever the situation, we can call on our imaginations to escape the confines of our homes, and stimulate some creativity and appreciation of earth’s flora and fauna, whether local or remote. We may be in lockdown, but our minds, at least, are free to wander!

Here are a couple of creative exercises to help spark some inspiration:

1. Close your eyes and think about your favourite wild place. Imagine it as a practical object. How would you describe it? What does it do? Let your imagination run wild and remember – it doesn’t have to rhyme!

Here is an attempt by our Advocacy and Outreach Officer, Angie:

Southerndown is a giant mortar and pestle
Where swirling, turbulent waves grind salt sediment
Against peppercorn rocks
Scenting the air with seaweed and saline

2. Think about your favourite tree or plant. Imagine it as a person. What kind of personality does he/she/they have? For example, is this person bold and ambitious or shy and retreating? Are they friendly or aggressive? Do they have any unusual skills? How do they move and speak?

Here is Angie’s attempt:

Edwood is an ancient oak –
Tall, solid and wise as his years.
A generous old fellow, he has many tenants
Who live on him – and in him
And don’t pay a cent in rent.
He is very well-loved and respected;
Even the elders of the village look up to him.

These exercises are a great way to get creative and to keep connected to nature in these difficult times.

If you’re successful at either or both of these exercises, send them to [email protected] and we will publish them as graphics on our social media channels!

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