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Size of Wales promotes the planting and protection of trees, and because we recognise trees are vital to mitigating climate change we have been working with schools and future generations for years. Our assemblies and workshops follow the National Curriculum for Wales and are age appropriate catering for pupils from Foundation Phase through Key Stage 4.

To build on this work and make it as accessible as possible, we have improved and added to our bilingual Education Resources for schools and teachers to use. Our Climate Education Resources are available for anyone to download for free from our website, here They complement the curriculum for a range of ages from Primary School to GCSE level.

Using various lessons and games, available in both Welsh and English, we aim to encourage children to think about forest environments, their habitats, inhabitants and climate change through a number of outdoor and indoor activities. These include drawing, role play, experiments, numeracy, persuasive writing, geography, history.

Some examples are:

Calculating Carbon in a Tree – a maths activity that helps pupils understand the role that trees play in sequestering atmospheric carbon

Climate Timeline – making a Climate Timeline to gain a sense of how our recent climate fits into a historical picture.

Wood Wide Web – to develop understanding of the rainforest, focussing on the trees and considering how living creatures are connected and impact upon each other.

There are also resources to get pupils involved in thinking about taking climate action.

Elspeth Jones said:

“More and more young people are recognising that there is a climate emergency and want to learn more about climate change. Finding age appropriate ways to explore the subject can sometimes be challenging for teachers and families. Our resources provide relatable and fun activities to help teachers and families explore climate change. We want to inspire future generations and help everyone to feel like they can be part of the solution.”

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