A Shopping List For Trees: What Can Your Donation Buy?

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Size Of Wales supports many projects with your donations. One of our ongoing relationships is with the 10 Million Trees project in partnership with METGE (Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise). The project supports the planting and tending of 10 million new trees in the heavily deforested Mbale region of Uganda.

We are helping to increase climate resilience amongst the local community as well as working to put an end to the lethal landslides that have blighted the region. We have trained fairtrade coffee farmers, to grow shade trees to protect and improve the quality of their crops. 10 Million Trees supports well over 60 villages to establish tree nurseries, working with over 3500 families and their communities.

See below how far your donations can go.

Mvule (Milicia Excelsa)

– Provides hardwood for construction and carpentry
– Younger trees used for furniture, building and charcoal
– Severely threatened species
– Fast growing
– Can be used in the control of erosion
– Makes a good shade tree
– Has many medicinal uses
– Often considered to be a sacred tree. Fertility and birth are associated with it and its timber is used to make ceremonial drums and coffins


African Cherry (Prunus Africana)

– Bark has medicinal properties
– Endangered
– Hardwood. Used for tool handles, utensils, furniture
– Moderately fast-growing tree
– Part of the plum family, important in agriculture
– Good nesting sites for birds




Grevillea Robusta

– Fast growing
– Evergreen
– Fairly drought resistant
– Used for furniture
– Resistant to rotting
– Fencing
– Native to Australia
– Grevillea has deep roots meaning it doesn’t compete for water, nutrients or sunlight with surrounding crops



The Umbrella Tree (Maesopsis Eminii)

– Leaves grown as fodder
– Timber used for furniture
– Shade trees for coffee plantations
– Fast-growing
– Able to live for 200 years!
– Seeds can lie dormant and germinate with lunar cycles



Mango & Avocado Trees

– Fast growing
– Provide fruit
– Improve nutrition
– Provide household income
– Mango tree has medicinal properties
– Avocado fruit high in unsaturated fat


So we think it’s fair to say that a small donation makes a big impact!

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