Public Health Wales do Go Green Day!

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Friday 13th October.

Go Green Day at Public Health Wales Office

On this damp and blustery autumn day, when branches of oak and ash are shedding their leaves in a long, windswept embrace, Public Health Wales teamed up with the Size of Wales for a day of green action!

The Sustainability Group and Charity & Social Committee, based at Cardiff’s Capital Quarter, set about the task of inspiring colleagues to make green pledges – simple changes they could make to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace. However, the idea is not to limit ourselves by walls and boundaries, no! We pledge to take these changes home and encourage those around us to do the same! #GoGreenDay #PHWWFG

Here are our top ten inspirational pledges (and verdant images!) of the day: 

  1. Bring in a reusable coffee cup!
  2. Have meat free days
  3. Drive less, walk / cycle more
  4. Switch to a green energy supplier
  5. Not to use plastic bottles
  6. Keep up with the recycling!
  7. Recycle food waste
  8. Print less!
  9. Not to use the lift
  10. Bring some plants in!


We wish you all the best with your amazing green pledges!

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