Uganda: 10 Million Trees

Help plant 10 million trees!

This project aims to plant 10 million trees in the highly deforested area of Mbale in East Uganda. These trees will alleviate poverty, and help communities adapt to climate change and food security. The trees will provide sustainable supplies of food, fuel and shelter, as well as an improved income. They will also protect local people from the effects of soil erosion caused by deforestation, which can lead to deadly landslips.

Communities are already feeling the impact of climate change through extreme flooding, droughts and hailstorms. This project raises awareness of the advantages of tree planting and supports communities to combat the impacts of climate change.

The project also plants a tree for every child born or adopted in Wales through the Welsh Government’s Plant! scheme.


• Severe weather events such as floods, droughts and hailstorms.
• Landslides caused by deforestation on slopes.
• Illegal felling of trees.


• Over 4 million trees planted already
• Supporting 5 coffee co-operatives
• Working with over 1,600 families in 30 villages
• United Nations ‘Lighthouse’ project (during COP17)

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