Press Release: Let’s make Wales ‘Go Green’ throughout June for Go Green Day

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With Go Green Day planned for Friday June 22nd 2018, Size of Wales is inviting people to make June a green month!

Go Green Day is an annual day of green action organised by climate change charity, Size of Wales. On this day, all across Wales, schools, offices and community groups will be taking part, helping spread climate change awareness and raising funds for Size of Wales’ forest projects across Africa and South America.

Wales has been at the forefront of many environmental and sustainability policies: being the first nation to introduce single use plastic bag charge, being the first Fairtrade nation ten years ago, planting a tree for every child born or adopted in Wales since 2008 and setting well-being goals through its pioneering Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Wales is obviously a nation of pioneers and as Desmond Tutu very eloquently put it:
“People in Wales have big hearts. They belong in a small country but, oh man, they really have the kick of a mule!”

Go Green Day will be a perfect opportunity to show what a nation the size of Wales can achieve! Join the campaign by taking your green action within your schools, communities, organisations, networks or your neighbourhoods. Whether it’s pledging to stop using single-use plastic, going meat-free or purchasing products that are Fairtrade and only use sustainable palm oil or doing more active travel by walking or cycling, then sign up and get fundraising: Here, you’ll also find masses of ideas and resources to make it easy to take part.

Every single pound donated is doubled and given straight to our tropical forest projects which cover an area of forest twice the size of Wales.

You may choose to do it over a day, a week, the whole month or actually even use this month to ‘go green’ forever! Share your stories and pledges with Size of Wales and your networks using #GoGreenDay.

Size of Wales Director, Rita Singh said “We are really excited for Wales to ‘go green’ throughout June. Your fundraising efforts will go a huge way towards tackling the impacts of climate change and showing what a nation the size of Wales can do to be ‘Globally Responsible’.”

So, how will you be going green this month?


Notes to Editors

  1. Size of Wales is an international climate change charity helping to sustain an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wales as part of our national response to climate change. Together, individuals, companies, local councils, schools and community groups across Wales are fundraising to protect and sustain over four million hectares of rainforest and forge lasting links with forest communities in some of the world’s poorest countries.
  2. Forests are key to saving the world from the impacts of climate change by absorbing the carbon dioxide we emit. Despite this, up to 12 million hectares of tropical forest is destroyed each year! As much as 25% of global carbon emissions is caused by the destruction of the tropical forest, this is greater than the carbon emitted by all the worlds transport combined.
  3. For further information, please contact Anna Harris, / 029 2132 0603 or for more information visit:
  4. A pack of images and resources/branding and hi-res logo readily available on request.

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