Panasi Chirikudenga the Beekeeper

Beekeeping is one of the environmentally-friendly enterprises promoted by the Kariba REDD+ project as a source of sustainable income for community members.

Mr Chirikudenga is a beekeeper and tree lover who looks after 30 hectares of forest where he has planted indigenous trees. The Kariba REDD+ project has provided him with environmentally friendly Kenyan Top Bar hives. Beekeeping and tree planting go hand in hand. The trees provide a home for the hives and the forest provides a habitat for the bees colonising the hives. And in turn, thanks to pollination by bees, he will benefit from increased production from the planted trees.

Since the project began in 2011, over 700 beekeeping kits have been distributed, helping at least 287 local people generate sustainable income. This number is growing all the time, with a further 16 beekeeping workshops held during the monitoring period 2014–16.