Trees for Christmas

Trees for Christmas is back for another year, helping you to have a green Christmas. Give a gift that keeps on giving by donating to plant fruit trees in Mbale, Uganda on behalf of friends, family and colleagues this Christmas. 

These trees will provide families in Mbale with a source of nutrition, income, food security and so much more. Mbale is a highly populated, hilly region in eastern Uganda. Each year, the heavy rains cause devastating landslides. Adding trees to the landscape helps secure the soil reducing the risk of landslides. 

Trees are for life, not just for Christmas.

For as little as £3 you can support Wales’ tree planting project, the Mbale Trees Programme and donate to plant fruit trees in the gardens of families in and around Mbale. See the tabs below for ways you can support this cause.

Please help us spread the word by displaying our Trees for Christmas poster in your workplace or other prominent places.



Gifts that keep giving

Go green this Christmas. By planting trees on behalf of a loved one, you can enjoy a more sustainable and ethical Christmas, whilst also giving a family in Mbale a gift that provides nutrition and income for years to come. Trees are for life, not just for Christmas after all!  

Pick how many trees you want to plant below, hit the donate button and you will receive a downloadable gift certificate into your inbox.

Last year I wanted to get an ethical present for friends and family, something that would make a difference, and the Size of Wales certificates were perfect for that. Everyone who received one was really happy, and pleased to have something which they knew would help to improve the lives of others.

Sion Ford


Tree Planting Certificate (English)

Tystysgrif Plannu Coed (Welsh / Cymraeg)

Twin your Christmas tree

Reforestation and tree planting is one of the most positive ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Trees absorb vast amounts of greenhouse gases, which are otherwise causing our planet to heat up to very dangerous levels.
So plant trees in Mbale this Christmas to twin with the beautifully adorned tree in your home.

Give as a group

Come together with your colleagues, classmates, community group or family this Christmas to make a big difference. Let us know how many trees you’ve donated to plant by tagging us into your social media so we can celebrate with you.
Give as little as £3 each, donate below and you will receive a certificate so you can proudly show that you have planted hundreds of trees!

Tree Planting Certificate (English)

Tystysgrif Plannu Coed (Welsh / Cymraeg)

Run a Christmas promotion

Calling all businesses of Wales! Go green this Christmas, engage your staff and customers by running a tree planting promotion especially tailored to your service or product. For example, last year SportPursuit, an online sports gear retailer, donated 10 trees for every order placed. As a result, 10,000 trees were planted on behalf of their customers!

Get in touch with the Size of Wales to discuss how you could shape your promotion.

Send eCards

When sending your Christmas greetings to friends, family, colleagues and business contacts, choosing Size of Wales’ eCards will make a big difference to families in Mbale. Just pick a design, personalise your message and donate.

Buy one eCard: £1
Buy five eCards: £3
Buy ten eCards: £5

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