Online retailer SportPursuit has hit their target to plant 100,000 trees.

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A range of initiatives have engaged SportPursuit customers to reach this total since September 2019, including a referral scheme and special sale events as well as staff fundraising. SportPursuit and their customers are fuelled by adventures, exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. By planting trees SportPursuit are aiming to reduce their impact as an online retailer and have a positive contribution to the environment.

SportPursuit has partnered with reforestation us at Size of Wales to help grow in two global projects: Mbale Trees Programme in Uganda and Bore Community Forest in Kenya.

Adam Pikett, founder and CEO of SportPursuit, said:

SportPursuit customers and staff share a passion for the outdoors and enjoying adventures in the inspiring environments of our planet. It’s great to see this passion driving engagement in our tree planting initiatives. With the help of Size of Wales the SportPursuit community has contributed a positive impact to the environment as well as the local communities supported by these projects

Kevin Rahman-Daultrey at Size of Wales, said:

We’d like to say a huge thank you to SportPursuit and all their customers and staff who are helping to restore tree cover in Uganda and Kenya by donating trees to the local communities in Mbale and Bore through SportPursuit’s website. At a time when climate change feels like it is accelerating at an alarming pace, SportPursuit are helping to bring trees back to these deforested areas. 100,000 trees is a really impressive milestone. These trees will make a substantial difference to the lives of local communities who rely on them for food, shade and livelihoods, as well as helping to lock away carbon, benefiting us all.

Trees committed by SportPursuit are being planted in two Size of Wales projects:

About SportPursuit

SportPursuit fuels sporting adventure with affordable, great quality kit. As an online retailer specialising in sports and outdoors brands we work closely with hundreds of brands to secure time-limited deals for our members. By signing up for free, SportPursuit members gain access to our exclusive sales, with a best-price guarantee for every deal. SportPursuit knows that if you put effort in, you get exhilaration out. They also know that we depend on the natural world for so many of our favourite pursuits. That’s why they’re passionate about giving back to the environment – planting trees to protect our planet, make a difference, and safeguard a future full of adventure.

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