National Forest for Wales

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Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford has unveiled plans for a National Forest running the length and breadth of Wales.

£5 million has been allocated in this year’s Budget, the aim is for the National Forest to create areas of new woodland and help to restore and maintain some of Wales’ unique and irreplaceable ancient woodlands. A further £10 million of Glastir Woodland creation and restoration funding will be available to increase tree planting across Wales.

The National Forest will be a connected ecological network running throughout Wales, which will play an important role in protecting nature and addressing biodiversity loss.

Elspeth Jones, Director of Size of Wales, said:

“We welcome the Welsh Government increasing investment in tree growing as a natural solution to the global climate emergency, as well as benefiting local communities and wildlife throughout Wales. Trees and forests are crucial to both climate change adaptation and mitigation, and The National Forest will hopefully symbolise Wales’ growing role in taking action on climate change both locally and internationally. 

“Size of Wales supports communities in tropical regions to grow and look after trees and forests as part of Wales’ national response to climate change. Trees drawdown and lock away carbon, reduce social and ecosystem vulnerability in a changing climate and contribute to human well-being. We are looking forward to building more links between communities growing trees in Wales and the communities we are supporting to do the same overseas.”

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