Meet Allen

Meet Allen, she recently celebrated her 80th birthday, she is a mother to many with 28 children in the family, and a small scale farmer in the village of Buwanyanga in the district of Bulambuli.  Allen has been a recipient of the Mbale Tree Planting Programme (MTPP) and says that engaging with the programme has changed her life and will also impact future generations.

Jonathan, who is her second youngest son, works on the MTPP with BRDC, one of the programmes implementing partners. Jonathan is passionate about trees and he sees first hand what a difference trees can make.

Jonathan wanted to use his knowledge of trees and his links with the programme to support his mother. So, in 2014 he planted trees on the family’s land.  He planted 40 jackfruit, 12 mango and 7 avocado trees, most of which still survive.  Many of the fruits are enjoyed by Allen and her children and grandchildren with any surplus sold at local markets.

Allen enjoys looking after the trees and is often found digging in her garden. She has also expanded and is now growing matoke.

Seeing the positive impact of the programme has had an impact on others. Allen’s neighbours were skeptical at the start of the programme, but have since asked for trees as they have seen how much food Allen can produce, and how quickly she saw results.