Knowledge and skill sharing: Mr Chariot Chiguta gives back

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Mr Chariot Chiguta was one of the very first lead farmers to be trained in conservation farming by the Kariba REDD+ project in 2013.

It was very encouraging that Chariot had taken his training to heart and took it upon himself to share this knowledge with others. He went one step further by learning about beekeeping from others who had received training on it. He increased his knowledge on both conservation farming and beekeeping and started training and advising other interested farmers in and around his ward.

To date, Mr Chiguta has trained and helped 161 farmers in conservation farming and 61 farmers in beekeeping. He also assists new farmers in finding markets for their honey yield. When we asked, Mr Chiguta told us that his vision is to continue helping farmers to be more productive and to take care of their environment.

Mr Chiguta is a prime example of the power of skill sharing.

To read more about this fantastic project, click here.

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