Are you jetting off on holiday this summer but worried about the impact?

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If so, why not do something about it by donating to Size of Wales and our climate change fighting forest projects?


Here’s why…

We all know that planes are not good for the planet – they are powered by the burning of fossil fuels that release harmful amounts of greenhouse gases into the earth’s atmosphere which is a major contributor to climate change. Currently, we are producing unsustainable amounts of emissions which is exacerbated by the continued high level of deforestation. To halt climate change we need to think more responsibly about the amount of carbon we produce.

As part of the nation’s response to tackling climate change, Size of Wales recognises that trees and tropical forests are a vital resource in the fight against climate change as they absorb high levels of carbon dioxide.

So what can you do?

One suggestion is to stay closer to home when holidaying. Although, living in the UK, we understand the need for some sun every now and then. So if that simply isn’t an option, why not donate to Size of Wales and help protect the world’s precious tropical forests. Each of our projects protect tropical forests and, along with our replanting programme in heavily deforested areas, we are proud to say we are protecting an area of tropical forests twice the size of Wales (that’s more than 4 million rugby pitches!).

Our projects go one step further as we provide poverty reducing measures for the communities living in and around these forests. For example, working with our partners, we are able to provide energy efficient cooking stoves and education for the communities on the benefits of using cleaner fuel sources, we build capacity for the production of sustainable food sources, we empower communities by providing continued support towards sustainable livelihoods. Furthermore, we help the indigenous communities we work with to gain legal recognition for the rights to their land, stopping illegal logging and mining. It’s a win/win!

Learn more about the projects your donation will support here. Donate here and then enjoy your holiday knowing that you’re doing your bit to help in the fight against climate change. And an added bonus – all of your donations are doubled thanks to our match fund therefore doubling the impact of your contribution.

There are a number of online calculators you can use to work out the emissions from your flights and the carbon cost equivalent, including from Climate Care, myclimate, International Civil Aviation Organisation, and many more.

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