Introducing the Size of Wales Youth Climate Ambassadors

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Size of Wales has launched the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales (YCA), a group of 12 young people from across Wales who are passionate Climate Activists fighting for Climate Justice.

They are supported by Size of Wales and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA), and funded by the Scottish Power Foundation, with the aims and actions led by the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales.

They are looking to:

  1. Make business in Wales more responsible for their carbon emissions
    • Such as setting clear carbon caps for businesses
    • Include consumption emissions and emissions associated with transporting goods in emission targets
  2. Making businesses in Wales responsible for their plastic packaging
    • Banning items designed for single use such as, masks and plastic packaging
    • Ban disposable or cheap fashion
  3. Welsh Government to tackle climate awareness in adults and decision makers
  4. Make active travel accessible for all parts of Wales and ensuring all parts of Wales are implementing it
  5. Make it compulsory for Schools to recycle in Wales
    • Reduce food waste in schools
    • And recycling and disposing of things correctly
  6. Welsh Government to produce a plan to reach deforestation and reforestation plan by 2025


Poppy, is 16 and from Newport, said:

“I joined the network because I believe that Climate Change is quite possibly the biggest and most paramount issue of our lifetimes. However, despite this, I don’t believe that it is given anywhere near the amount of consideration by World Leaders that it should have and consequently, often goes unaddressed. Therefore, I wanted to be a part of an organisation where, as a young person, I am able to help the fight for Climate Justice and have my voice not only respected, but amplified in making real changes. I am very grateful that the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales (YCA) network provides this opportunity.”

You can watch a video Poppy introducing the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales and their aims here:

Leo, 16 from Pontypridd explained:

“I joined the network as I am very interested in Climate Science and making a positive change to the World. Also, I think it is very important that young people get involved with the Climate Emergency as it is our futures this issue will effect.”

Shenona, 17 from Bangor added:

I joined the network to meet like-minded people my age and to make use of my passion for the environment. I knew that joining this group would be a once in a lifetime experience.”

There is further information about the Climate Change Ambassadors and their individual profiles here:

If you’d like to follow the work of the Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales they’re on Twitter as @YCAWales, you can also get in touch with the Youth Climate Ambassadors email them at [email protected].

The Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales have developed as a result of The Model United Nations (MockCOP) programme, jointly run by Size of Wales and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA), and funded by the Scottish Power Foundation. The MockCOP conference provides a invaluable interactive opportunity for young people aged 14-18 to learn about the UN, the annual climate change talks and develop tolerance and understanding of nations and cultures by acting as those nations whilst discussing global issues. There is further information about MockCOP here:

Melanie Hill, Executive Officer and Trustee at the ScottishPower Foundation, said:

 The ScottishPower Foundation is committed to supporting causes that are making a real difference to communities and the people living within them. In light of ongoing restrictions, Size of Wales has adapted its plans in innovative ways and remains dedicated to helping young people achieve their full potential while striving to reduce climate change.

“It is so inspiring to see these young people being empowered to share their views and ideas for the future, and it’s crucial that we continue to champion their voices through initiatives such as Size of Wales’ Youth Climate Ambassadors. These young people will be the influencers and decision-makers of tomorrow and we’re very proud to be part of this project that gives them a platform, a voice and a chance to help change their world and their environment for the better.”

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