How to Plant Half a Million Trees in Kenya with Size of Wales

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Read about the staff and how they’re continuing work on the Bore Community Forest Project during the Coronavirus pandemic or watch our video ‘How to Plant Half a Million Trees in Kenya with Size of Wales’ below.

Judith Karembu tries out our new project vehicle funded by Size of Wales and the Welsh Government as part of a major expansion of our main community tree nursery in Bore. This will increase the capacity of the nursery to half a million seedlings. This significant support is enabling us to help the community at a very difficult time when there are few alternative income sources, food is scarce and many people are reverting to forest-destroying charcoal burning as the only way to earn income.



Here, some of our 60 part-time female employees are hard at work filling pots with soil in the new nursery – they can do 400 in a day and can bring their kids along to help out if needed – quite handy at the moment as all the schools are closed. All work is conducted in socially distanced groups with PPE provided to ensure safety and reduce the chances of viral transmission.


Once filled, the pots are carefully organised into regular groups of 1000 so we can keep an accurate tally on the numbers. Its easy to lose count when the target is 500,000!


Then, when the seedlings are ready for distribution they will be transported to our network of 1400 farmers for planting using the new vehicle.


Image taken before lockdown


Over time we have learnt that it is not enough just to plant the trees, we have found that the farmers find guidance and training very useful.

We have trained on various aspects of tree growing, including how to irrigate and manage their plantations to ensure that the seedlings do well and produce good crops of timber and food.

Here a group of farmers learn how to pit plant mangoes to maximise survival in dry conditions.


Image taken before lockdown




We need to monitor the work we do and now, thanks to the significant new funding we have a team of three full-time motorised ‘forest protectors’ Charles, Eva and Edward whose job is to collect the GPS of every planting site. Many of the sites are remote and inaccessible to larger vehicles and that is when the motorbikes come in handy.





Trees grow incredibly fast down by the equator and pretty soon (generally after a couple of years) they are visible on Google Maps and from then on can be monitored remotely like these.

Thank you to the support from Wales at these difficult times for both communities here and overseas. At a time of crisis, global solidarity is even more important and tackling climate change together.


Watch How to Plant Half a Million Trees in Kenya with Size of Wales


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