Home. A poem by Angie Kirby.

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The wonderful singer, poet, storyteller and friend of Size of Wales, Angie Kirby has created a beautiful poem and film for us:


I first encountered Size of Wales at an environmental workshop in 2017 and was immediately inspired by their work. Later that year, I went along to their Go Green Day event and was inspired further! Through international collaboration, fundraising and campaigning, they have protected over 4 million hectares of tropical forest and that doesn’t include their reforestation project. This kind of work is vital to counter the damage caused by our reliance on fossil fuels and the forests and habitats that continue to be sacrificed in pursuit of economic growth.


As a songwriter and storyteller, I had a desire to create something that could help the organisation achieve its aims. I wanted to create a poem that would inspire people to act. I was thinking of us humans being out-of-sync with nature. Disconnected from it, but at the same time craving that connection on a fundamental level. I wanted to inspire that wonderment of nature we experience as children and remind ourselves that, despite this disconnection, we are part of the natural world and reliant on its ability to nurture us and support our existence.


I kept coming back to the concept of “home” and its various meanings: a house, a country, a sense of belonging, a planet. I wanted to play around with duality and take the reader down a different path – the idea of this dilapidated, old house with a leaky, drafty roof and unwanted, nocturnal guests, which in reality is a leafy canopy and beyond, an endless expanse of stars. The house can also be interpreted as the earth, in desperate need of repair and attention. In the face of climate change – humankind’s biggest challenge – it’s easy to feel impotent and hopeless. To imagine that small changes to our everyday behaviours individually can influence something so huge is hard to fathom and at times, even harder to believe. However, individual actions can be powerful and when we unite we can achieve the seemingly impossible. I wanted to give that feeling of hope as a counterbalance to the sense of desperation and precariousness, whilst also showing the fragility of our situation. And, of course, to create a beautiful poem!


The film is the result of a collaboration with two very talented friends – filmmaker Inga K and composer Sion Trefor. Inga has created a beautiful and evocative film using found footage and Sion has composed, performed and produced the breath-taking soundtrack, both of which complement the poem beautifully. We hope you enjoy!

If this poem has inspired you to take action to tackle climate change, speak to the team at Size of Wales – info@sizeofwales.org.uk or you can simply donate by visiting their website www.sizeofwales.org.uk/donate.

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