Gola forest now a National Park

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Celebrations in Sierra Leone as its new National Park is announced.

Size of Wales supported project, the Gola Forest, in Sierra Leone, learnt at the end of February that over 70,000 hectares had been approved by the Government as a National Park.

The culmination of over 20 years work in Sierra Leone, the new National Park will help to conserve over 330 bird species, 14 of which are threatened, and includes white-necked picathartes and Gola malimbe. It is also a remaining stronghold of pygmy hippopotamus and chimpanzees. The list of butterfly species exceeds the bird list, and includes some new to science discovered by the project.

The project also employs over 100 Sierra Leoneans and in the past 7 years has delivered over 40 community development projects in the forest edge communities around the Gola Forest.

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