Go Green Day

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A big call out for everyone to take part!

This year we’re all gearing up towards Go Green! A national day on Friday 19 October, where everyone wears something green to show their support for Size of Wales. This could be as extravagant as a green wig and green facepaint or a subtle as green socks or a green necklace. But the main thing is that everyone can get involved.

So far we’ve had lots of schools wanting to Go Green! They’re holding no school uniform days, up and down the country. Businesses are also taking part with dress down days. In fact, any workplace can take part. It really is very easy. Simply wear something green or do something ‘green themed’ and donate £1 to the Size of Wales.

£1 will help protect an area of rainforest the size of one rugby pitch. We’re excited about supporting the rainforest, and we want to have fun in the process.

Here are some of the ideas that we’ve had so far….

– Wear something green to work or school/college

– Hold a Green Fashion Show or clothes swap

– Take pictures of your ‘greenness’

– Take some face paint into work and get on the attack!

– Paint something green e.g. light bulb

– Have one meal that is 100% green in your canteen

– Change your facebook profile picture green

– Bake green cup cakes for everyone

– Write everything in green ink (with a good excuse)

– Green nail varnish (you know you want to)

– Green cocktail party after work

We need you to make Go Green Day massive! Come on Wales!

Be as creative as you like and have as much fun as you can. It could be your only chance to wear that Christmas jumper or novelty skirt that you can’t bear to throw away.

Take lots of photos, as we’ll also be launching a photo competition.

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