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Young people here and around the world are speaking out about Climate Change and its causes. Take our Go Green Day poster challenge and make your voice heard.

Do you know about climate change? What’s causing it? What can be done? Here’s a very brief summary…

Most cars, planes, factories and central heating burn fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil). Burning these fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere. People are using so much coal, gas and oil that more and more carbon dioxide has built up around our planet. Carbon dioxide is one of the “greenhouse” gases which means it traps heat as the sun warms our Earth, so with more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere our planet warms up more. This effect is called global warming and has led to climate change where weather patterns around the world are changing causing all sorts of problems. Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, forest fires, flooding and droughts are some of the effects, resulting in serious problems for people and animals around the world.

What can be done?
Trees are part of the solution as they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere! When trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, the carbon becomes part of the tree and the oxygen is released. Rainforests, with their huge numbers of trees are particularly important for this reason, helping to add a third of the world’s oxygen back into the atmosphere. They also are the home for millions of unique and precious plants, insects and animals.

But trees are also under threat due to deforestation (trees cut down and not replaced). Half the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed in the last 100 years.

Size of Wales knows how important these ancient forests are, so we are working with forest peoples to protect an area of tropical forest twice the size of our county, Wales, and we need your help to do it!

Your Go Green Day poster challenge
We want young people across Wales to spread the message about climate change and the importance of trees.
We challenge you to design a Climate Change poster that will help people understand what is happening to our world and show the value of trees, especially tropical forests, in helping reduce our climate crisis.
Posters should be A4 and include original artwork

We want other people to see your posters so we will be putting all those selected on our website.
All school (or other) entrants will receive a certificate of thanks with the school’s (or other) name on.
Four entrants will receive
• A workshop visit to school from our Education Outreach team
• A certificate to say that ten fruit trees have been planted in Mbale, Uganda on behalf of the entrant

The deadline for submissions is 12th July. Go Green Day poster entries will be judged by the Size of Wales team and the winning entrants will be contacted so make sure you include your name, class and school on the back of the poster! The selected posters will be put on our website over the summer holidays.

Entries are welcomed in Welsh, English or bilingually and can be submitted electronically to [email protected] or by post to: Anna Harris, Size of Wales, Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3AP

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