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Alex Katana

How long have you worked for Bore Community Forest Project, and what’s your main role within the organisation? 

I am the Bore Green Umbrella Project (BGU) Manager. My role in the whole project, is to make sure there is peace in the community and fair treatment within the residents. This has been there since 2007. The Bore Community Forest Centre (BCFC) is one of the BGU product which up to now is about four years. My major role in the BCFC is to implement what is asked to be done by donors and volunteers, the same time to coordinate what the community undergo in their lives tI o the donors. Apart from all these I am a tree planter even before this project came. So, I have been planting so many trees among the community and have convinced so many communities to join in the planting which has been successfully up this moment.

What drove you to work within the area of climate change, and re-forestation? 

What drove me to work within the area of climate change and reforestation, was that I experienced the goodness of the original forest in the back years whereby the forest was maintained healthy and the wild animals were available. But soon destruction started, most animals escaped, rains duration changed and drought arised. Then I felt the need to restore our beautiful forest through any willing NGOs.

What do you enjoy most about managing the Bore Community Forest Project?

Mostly I enjoy when taking round visitors to the valley to see the green forest and the cliff top walk. Also, happy to see our community benefit from the centre as that has employed some members of the community.

Is it a cliché to say trees are our future?

This has been our song that the trees are our future. And has been the best song to the community that the community sang. So that has brought so many people to be tree planters, as all forests are likely to come back to origin.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the staff and project?

  1. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected the community in several ways:
  2. Family self-life struggle.
  3. De-employed members, that led to lack of cash.
  4. Lack of project seminar gathering.
  5. Women stressed due to change of daily food routine (hard food budget)
  6. Due to the virus, so many starving people have been coming to the project seeking for any assistance e.g.  employment, planting seeds, direct cash and food.

Do you have any exciting plans for the Bore Community Forest Project, or are there any new ones you’re planning? 

My exciting plans for the BCFC project is to have water and electricity to promote the centre, get playing equipment for children for their luxury when they come for tour.

Any final comments?

My final comment is that you people are doing a very wonderful and helpful work towards our community.  May you empower our women so that they can be self-reliable thus to men. You have surely helped this community with a very big percentage of our normal living. Thank you all and may God bless the work of your hands.

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