Get a Christmas tree that makes a difference

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Plastic or real, with needles or not, there’s an alternative Christmas tree out there for you this year – and it’s in Nicaragua.

Through its popular and innovative Christmas catalogue – Oxfam Unwrapped – you can buy a gift from Wales that will help grow trees and manage a forest the other side of the world for £14!

This comes in the form of Oxfam Cymru’s partnership with Welsh organisation Size of Wales, in a unique project to help sustain an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wrexham county borough – one thousand square kilometres. This area of tropical forest is in the Boswas Biosphere reserve in Nicaragua, the largest forest reserve in Central America. A total of 3000 people will be helped through the project.

Oxfam Cymru has taken on the challenge of raising money for this project and every pound raised will be generously matched by Size of Wales.

Julian Rosser, Head of Oxfam Cymru, said, “Consider this gift as an extra Christmas tree this year! A perfect way to spread the spirit of generosity overseas and into the future by investing in a project that will help people and a rainforest to survive for generations to come”.

The Bosawas reserve contains the homelands of indigenous peoples for whom the forest is a source of life, food and medicinal herbs. Over the last ten years, their way of life has been threatened by massive deforestation caused by the rapid and unsustainable clearing of land for agriculture and intensive livestock farming, which has lead to soil erosion, water pollution and the loss of animal and plant species.

Through this Oxfam Unwrapped gift, communities will be educated and trained to protect the forests in which they live as a vital part of the bigger climate change and environmental protection picture.

Rosser added, “This Christmas people in Wales can play a vital role in helping to protecting one of the world’s most vulnerable communities by raising funds for Oxfam Cymru’s project – money which will be doubled by Size of Wales. It really is a win-win for all involved and will make a really original gift for friends or family.”

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