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Size of Wales is delighted to announce a new project that promotes women’s participation in climate justice and natural resource management in Uganda.

The project will be run by partners Mount Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise (METGE), the International Tree Foundation (ITF) and Masaka District Landcare Chapter Leadership (MADLACC).

Project details

In Uganda, inequitable distribution of power, resources and responsibilities in favour of men has resulted in women and girls being partially/fully excluded from political, economic and social-economic spheres in society.

By integrating a special focus on gender into agriculture-related climate change activities and policy, this project will enable rural women to become important agents of change. A gender assessment will also be carried out to better understand current challenges and opportunities regarding women’s participation.

Based on the results of this assessment, the project will support women with tailor-made training, networking and access to resources  Such as seed funds, organic fertilisers, equipment, beehives to set up nature-friendly initiatives. The project will document and share best practices and lessons learnt and inspiring case studies amongst partners in Wales and Africa and the Welsh public.

A group of women standing in front of several trees.
A photo of the Mpugwe women’s group from the Masaka region

The main activities include:

  • Gender assessment
  • Mapping policy and legal commitments about women and girls’ rights and access to natural resources, including land.
  • Training 40 gender champions (men and women)
  • Training 222 rural women and girls on their rights and leadership skills
  • Strengthening local micro-finance groups to support climate-smart initiatives
  • Training and resources for 222 women and girls to strengthen income-generating activities, including nature-based enterprises, and tree planting women-led demo farms
  • Community training and engagement on data capture using simple GIS technology
  • Partner exchanges and a learning webinar
  • Inspiring people in Wales to take climate action through Size of Wales’  programmes
We are grateful to Hub Cymru Africa and the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa programme for their funding of this work.

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