Forest Meditations

We’ve shortlisted some forest sounds and meditations to help you relax, drift away and connect to forests, whatever the weather or however far you may live from a forest.

Guided Meditation and Visualization for Stress Relief: A Forest Walk

A brief 10-minute guided meditation through a forest on an Autumn day. Great for helping you clear your mind if you don’t have much time on your hands, or are struggling to concentrate if you’re working from home. (10 mins)

Guided sleep meditation: The Forest of Peace and Relaxation

This one is great for bringing on a sense of relaxation and a deep and peaceful night’s sleep. So, make sure you’re lying comfortably into bed before pressing play. (1hr 20m)

Rainforest Sounds – Water Sound Nature Meditation

Blissful background sounds of a tropical forest including a babbling waterfall. This one doesn’t have any guided meditation. Great for playing whilst working, doing bits around the house or a soundtrack for your daily walk. Perhaps it’ll even help calm down any restless little ones too! (2h 20m)


We really hope these help bring you some peace and tranquillity, and help those who aren’t fortunate enough to live near some green space to feel connected to nature.