Forest fires in Borneo: When a tree planting project becomes a fire fighting project

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We recently received the sad news that the already fire-damaged community forest of Pematang Gadung in Borneo has suffered from further devastating fires.

In 2015, a particularly dry season saw fires damage over 2,000 hectares of tropical forest. The scale of the damage was exacerbated by anthropogenic activities such as logging and the redirecting of waterways, which left the area more vulnerable to fire. This area of forest is home to a high density of orangutans.

Since the 2015 fire, and with support from Size of Wales, International Animal Rescue have begun work to prepare the forest for the replanting of 75,000 tree seedlings. These efforts will not only reduce the risk level of future fires, but also restore that vital habitat for the orangutan population. However, that important work has been disrupted by the further devastating forest fires across the area this dry season.

We urgently need your help to enable us to support the community’s efforts to rapidly prepare the burnt forest for replanting so they can get back on track with their reforestation work, which in turn will reduce risks of further fires. You can donate to this project [here].

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