Finalists in Sustainable Academy Wales Awards for MockCOP

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Size of Wales’ MockCOP has been shortlisted in the Sustainable Education and Training category, of the Sustainable Academy Wales Awards.

The decision rests with the public so please *DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR US HERE*.


MockCOP is and amazing and unique opportunity for young people to be engaged in an international style debate (United Nations Climate Conference) to discuss climate change – the single biggest issue facing future generations – while representing a number of different nations and NGOs.
In doing so, they learn the impacts of climate change on different nations, the varying commitments and perspectives from across the globe to tackle climate change and the importance of consensus building and negotiation. Furthermore, they learn to consider interlinking topics such as human rights and the economy. Together, this helps to develop their own thinking around being active global citizens.

Here is a video of the highlights from 2017’s MockCOP and we’re already in the process of organising the next one for January 2019.



Tanya Steele, CEO, WWF UK had the following to say after she played the role of the UN Secretary General during MockCOP 2017:
“I think what’s been incredible to see is young people wrestling with these issues but also at the same time maintaining a great level of ambition for the future”

The awards are jointly run by Cynnal Cymru and Renewable UK Cymru. Voting is open til 31st October, and the Award ceremony will take place on 29th November.

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