Exotic tree species for Welsh Forests

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Could Giant Redwoods be the answer to climate change threats to Welsh Forests?

Latest predictions revealed by FUTUREforest show that Wales is forecast to become increasingly warm with more droughts – making it harder for some of our existing trees to survive.

Now, as well as increasing the area of Wales covered with native tree species, ForestryCommission Wales is looking at exotic species such as the Giant Redwood (Sequoias), Macedonian Pine and Western Red Cedar.

“The Giant Redwood is a long shot, but it is fast growing and could provide a drought tolerant alternative which can cope with predicted  climate changes in Wales and produce high quality timber,” said Richard Carrick, one of the Forestry Commission Wales foresters working on the international FUTUREforest project. Forestry Commission Wales, which sponsors FUTUREforest in Wales, is working with researchers to develop guidelines on forest management and tree species.

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