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This event has now finished but you can watch the whole thing here:

You can see Ilson Karai Okaju’s (Commissao Guarani Yvyrupa) speech here:

Go Green Day is a national day of climate action organised by Size of Wales. Each year we encourage people, schools, policymakers, and businesses to join together and take positive actions to address climate change. This year we are calling for people in Wales to take action against tropical deforestation.

Join us for an online panel discussion on Monday 21st June from 12-1 pm where we will hear first-hand from the Commissao Guarani Yvyrupa (CGY) – the organisation of the Guarani Indigenous People in Brazil. They will speak about the causes and impacts of deforestation on their territory, what they are doing to tackle the crisis and how people in Wales can support them.

We will also be hearing from voices across Wales, sharing practical steps that the Welsh Government, public sector bodies, schools, businesses and the public can take to reduce their deforestation footprint and buy more ethical and sustainable goods.

Every year, the planet loses an area of forest equivalent to 9-times the size of Wales. This is caused by demand for everyday products we consume here in Wales. Protecting tropical forests is key to tackling climate change and being a globally responsible nation. We want Wales to be part of the solution and become a Deforestation Free Nation.


Barbara Davies Quy, – Deputy Director, Size of Wales (Chair)

Ilson Karai Okaju – Commissao Guarani Yvyrupa (CGY)

Delyth Jewell MS/AS – Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Plaid Cymru

Maham Aziz – Youth Climate Ambassador for Wales

John Davies – President, NFU

Cat Barton – Field Conservation Manager, Chester Zoo

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