Energy Efficient Stoves in DRC

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To date, more than 400 energy efficient stoves have been installed to communities living around the REGOMUKI and REGOLU reserves. There has been a really positive response to the stoves.

The old non efficient stoves using much for fire wood

A local lady, Maman Beatrice Batobake, spoke of some of the key benefits of these stoves:
before, when I did not have an energy efficient stove, I used a lot of firewood, my pans were blackened from smoke, and our eyes were sore and had colds due to the smoke.

Maman Beatrice Batobake then went on to say that
But I notice now that with my energy efficient stove that I started using today, that I use less wood, my pans are not blackened from smoke because almost all of the smoke comes out of the chimney.


The initiative has had a direct impact on the quality of life including health for these women and their families.

Mrs. Furaha, mother of Ondo village chief, in Bando group said
I am proud to use this improved fireplace because it reduces my load for the collection of firewood, I use a basket for a week now but before I used a basket for 3 days. I can also prepare 3 to 4 pans at the same time and finish cooking quickly.

These stoves not only directly reduce the amount of firewood required but they have many positive knock-on effects including improving quality of life and health for these women and their families.




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