Elinah Muley’s House

Elinah is a widow in her early forties who was encouraged to start a Kariba Moringa plantation so she could have work and support herself instead of relying on donations.

The Moringa tree, originally native to the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, has been naturalised within the Kariba project area due to its incredible versatility in terms of its properties and uses. For example, Moringa leaves can be made into a tea, which is extremely nutritious and can be used to fight malnutrition, as well as working as a herbal medicine.

Elinah initially grew 47 Moringa trees and was able to start selling dried leaves after four months. With average sales of $28-46 a month, she has managed to save enough income to plant more trees, and to buy materials and pay for the labour to build her own house. Now, with a stable source of income she is planning for the future and says she will buy cattle and furniture for her home.