The Model United Nations MockCOP conference provides a fantastic interactive opportunity for young people aged 14-18 to learn about the UN, the annual climate change talks and develop tolerance and understanding of nations and cultures by acting as those nations whilst discussing global issues.

Run jointly by Size of Wales and CEWC, the aim of the conference is for delegates to agree an international resolution on the issue of climate change, similar to the UN CIimate Change COP talks, whilst playing the part of their country as authentically as possible. Through this conference we encourage young people to be more engaged with climate change and political issues and consider the responsibility of Wales, both locally and globally.






  • A successful MockCOP - Whilst the negotiations in Bonn were in full flow for COP23 (23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, hosted by Fiji), there was a similar tense atmosphere in the Debating Chamber of National Assembly for Wales in Ty Hywel in Cardiff on 10th November, where pupils from across Wales gathered, for MockCOP, to represent […]
  • Wales’ Young People have their say about climate change in mock COP conference. - On Friday 10th November, Welsh students took part in MockCOP, the mock United Nations climate change conference held in Ty Hywel. The conference, jointly organised by climate change charity Size of Wales and Welsh Centre for International Affairs and sponsored by Jenny Rathbone AM, gives Wales’ young people a voice and an opportunity to discuss […]