City Energy do Go Green Day!

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Friday 13th October.

Go Green Day at City Energy

City Energy provides energy and carbon saving initiatives to households across the UK. Therefore, it’s no great surprise that we are an environmentally conscious organisation and so City Energy and our network proudly supported Size of Wales by getting involved in Go Green Day, their annual climate change awareness day.

We had a green picnic and cake sale during lunch. There was all sorts of food from delicious green cupcakes, to the slightly more Roald Dahl-esque inspired ‘snot’ sandwiches and ‘slime’ pasta!

All the team were encouraged to wear green too of course! Whilst our customer-facing staff were a little more subtle in their support (green hair ties or green shoe laces for example), the office-based staff went all out even painting nails green and wearing green eyeshadow.

One brave member of the team even volunteered to either dye their hair green if we managed to raise £200, or have a bath in green jelly if £300 was raised!

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the target on this occasion, but it has set our expectations higher for next year. We did however raise £82.34 and we are delighted to hear about Size of Wales’ match fund. They double every pound that’s donated for forest projects meaning our donation and contribution has been doubled to £164.68!

Going forward, we will continue to look for ways to be greener, both externally and here in the City Energy office.

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