Cardiff Met Student Katherine Crean on her Size of Wales x Santander Graphic Design Internship

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In June of this year, Size of Wales invited two graphic design students from Cardiff Met to do some design work for a few exciting projects we have in the pipeline. We first met Katherine Crean and Abbi-Louise Small shortly before when Size of Wales approached the Graphic Design course with a brief to design educational posters about climate change. Size was particularly impressed with the work Katherine and Abbi-Louise produced and so we got them in for a 2 week placement, gratefully receiving funding from the Santander Internship scheme. Here’s what Katherine said of her experience:

As part of our second year studying graphic communication at Cardiff Met, we were asked to undertake a project where we were asked to create infographics displaying the wonderful work that Size of Wales has done across South America and Africa. Following the work done in the project, Size of Wales got in touch with fellow student Abbi-Louise Small and myself to discuss creating further design work for some exciting projects they had in the pipeline. In June of this year, Abbi-Louise and I completed a two-week placement with Size of Wales as part of an internship funded by Santander.

During the two weeks I worked on designing and developing a whole range of resources for this year’s Go Green Day. This included a rebrand and the creation of posters, booklets, school resources and merchandise. It was great experience for me to work alongside the Size of Wales team, gaining insight into all elements of the charity, and all the hard work that goes into it.

Working on this project was right up my street – I was allowed a lot of creative freedom, and a lot of my designs included elements that were drawn and painted by hand, which is something I love to incorporate into my work where I can. I developed resources that Size of Wales would be able to use for both corporate and school resources, gaining an understanding of the vital differences between the two and how to engage both adults and children using words, imagery and layout. I had the opportunity to design some particularly exciting applications, for example a Snapchat geo-filter; something I had never designed before and a new learning experience and achievement for me personally.

The friendly atmosphere at Size of Wales HQ made working alongside the team a pleasure, and everyone welcomed us from the start. It is clear to see that the principles of the charity are important to everyone on the team and the best interests of the charity and those who benefit from the charity are always at heart. I would, without a doubt, love to work with Size of Wales again in the future and I am looking forward to not only seeing the work of myself and Abbi-Louise realised on their website and in physical form in the coming months, but also all of Size of Wales continual successes in the future.


Here are some examples of the great work Katherine created for our upcoming fundraising campaign Go Green Day during her placement:


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