Craig Hughes: Running the length of Wales

August 1st
Update: Having reached the 100 mile mark, Craig decided to call the journey a day as the ligament injury was proving too painful over long distances.
Craig said the following: “I’ll have a professional look at the injury and will continue to garner support for Size of Wales on my shorter runs. Thank you all for the amazing support especially my family who have been great support, drivers and feeders! Every £1 given will not be in vain as I will continue to wear my Size of Wales shirt until I reach that 183 mile goal in my 10k runs.”
And Craig summed it very nicely by adding “One positive I guess is that I travelled 100 miles in less in 18 and 1/2 hours and saw Cymru at its best – we are truly blessed”

June 27th
Update: On day 3 of his 5 day challenge, unfortunately suffered a painful ligament injury to his right foot and ankle. This has put a hold on the remaining part of his run but just until Craig has rested and is fighting fit again. We will keep you posted.
Craig is incredibly thankful for all the support and donations he’s received so far in aid of Size of Wales and is itching to carry on with his challenge as soon as possible.

Craig Hughes, is taking on the incredible (and quite frankly, bonkers) feat of running the length of Wales to raise funds for Size of Wales.

Craig will start his run on Friday 23rd June at the Southernmost point of Wales, in Rhoose and will conclude at the most northern point Llnabadrig on Anglesey, on the 28th June…187 miles in total!

Here’s what Craig has to say about the upcoming challenge: 

My passion is nature, but running is a close second. It will be gruelling but I’m looking forward to taking in some fantastic views.

Size of Wales has served their original aim of protecting an area of rainforest the size of Wales and is now well on their way to doubling this impact by protecting another 2 million ha. The charity encourages the people of Wales to help tackle climate change by taking simple positive actions. They work with schools and businesses to raise funds for forests and raise awareness of the importance forests have in tackling climate change.

With such a massive challenge in front of me, I wanted to raise the bar and raise funds and awareness for a great environmental cause.  So I’m running the length of Wales for Size of Wales.

In school I had not been remotely interested in running. Not anymore however! A few years ago I needed something to occupy my mind and I am now a running addict. Especially trail running where I get the chance to explore and see things and go places I couldn’t go if I was in a car or on a bike.

So if you do have any spare pennies, please do take a look at my fundraising page.  Anything will be gratefully received and every penny will be going straight to the charity’s projects.

You can follow my training on Twitter @187cymru

Diolch yn fawr!

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If you are inspired by Craig’s journey please share his donation link. Every penny raised goes to size of wales and will be matched by our supporters to make an even bigger impact on the rainforest projects we support.