Beatrice and the benefits of Cashew Trees in the Bore Community Forest

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Bore, an area of Coast Province in eastern Kenya, which sits right on the equator is an area already feeling the impacts of the climate crisis. The climatic conditions have become increasingly unpredictable, bouncing between extremes of drought and deluge.

With support from Size of Wales, a community forest reserve of 288 hectares is being created surrounding the Bore Community Forest Centre. Local farmers surrounding the Centre have joined a pledge initiative agreeing not to cut down their forests and the project plans to plant half a million trees too. Hopefully, this target can be increased through Size of Wales’ Trees for Christmas Campaign, which offers Tree Planting Gift Certificates and eCards, which will raise money for the planting and growing of trees in Bore.  For further information or to support the campaign please visit our Trees for Christmas website here.

Bore Tree Nurseries

Local people collect free cashew trees from the main community tree nursery as part of the tree planting project. Trees are available to everyone: professionals, civil servants, government employees, farmers and families too.

Cashew Tree

Trees common to the area of Bore are food yielding trees, such as Cashew, Neem, Mango and Moringa. As well as trees for timber such as Gmelina, Casuarina and Eucalyptus. Indigenous trees, such as Brachystegia are also available to benefit biodiversity.

Beatrice Joseph

Beatrice Joseph is a farmer in Bore who has received cashew and neem seedlings from the project to grow on her land. The Cashew trees are now mature and producing fruit.

Not only does this help the environment, at a local and at a global level, but Beatrice uses the income from the sale of cashews to support herself and her family, including sending her children to school.

Beatrice has nine children, Masha, one of Beatrice’s older sons said how he and his siblings have been educated due to their mother growing fruit trees:

We’re also getting food through the planting of cashews, my mom sells the cashew nuts whereby she buys food for us, not only me but also my other siblings, whereby it’s also improved our health. In the community at large a lot of rainfall nowadays whereby a lot of crops are being grown and a lot of money is got, not only our family but the community at large


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