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Rita Singh


Rita joined the organisation as Director in June 2017, after helping drive forward the ground-breaking ‘Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act’. With climate change being one of the most critical challenges facing future generations across the world, Rita has found a perfect fit where she can apply her knowledge of the Act to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change through this national climate change charity.

Size of Wales is a unique organisation that raises awareness of the challenges of climate change, provides a platform for everyone to take action to make a difference, and supports tropical forest projects and communities around the world that are facing the direct impacts of climate change. Leading such an exciting organisation is a real privilege

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Aimee Parker

Assistant Director - Partnerships and Campaigns

Currently on maternity leave.

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Anna Harris

Project Support Officer

Anna joins the team as Project Support Officer. Anna is responsible for supporting our project partners, managing communications and fundraising campaigns.
Anna has a passion for nature and its conservation, both locally and globally. A stint in southern Africa and regular trips to forest spots around Wales confirmed to her that tree conservation and planting was the field for her!

It is a joy and a privilege to work for Size of Wales. In my role, I work closely with the forest projects. It's really encouraging to see how support from Size of Wales and our supporters is helping to empower the communities living in the project areas to protect these beautiful and vital rain forests.

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Nigel Little

Education Outreach Officer

Nigel has worked in environmental education for 15 years and has a background in storytelling.
He helped develop Size of Wales’ education program six years ago and has been a familiar face to pupils and teachers across South Wales ever since!

Size of Wales empowers children to create positive change to their world. We're more of an ethos than a charity - that's what attracted me to Size of Wales, and what continues to drive me to spread our message of climate change awareness and tropical forest preservation.

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Becks Fowkes

Education Outreach Officer

Becks’ background is in teaching, youth work and environmental education. Alongside her work for Size of Wales, she delivers Forest Schools for her own company, Campfire Cymru. Becks also assists community groups and schools realise their ambitions for sustainability as a Renew Wales Coordinator.

Empowering children and young people to take action on climate change is important to me. I love my work in schools for Size of Wales, meeting children and teachers who care deeply and show such enthusiasm and creative ideas for how to look after our world.

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Ann MacGarry

Education Outreach Officer

Ann worked as a teacher of Design and Technology in comprehensive schools in London before going to the Centre for Alternative Technology as an Education Officer in 1989. In that role she developed activities and resources and taught school groups right across the age ranges, as well as running courses for teachers. Topics included climate change, renewable energy, energy conservation, impacts of products and materials, water and development issues. She also learned Welsh.

I’m enthusiastic about working for Size of Wales as it offers the opportunity to teach about the vital topic of climate change, putting it into a very real context that pupils can get excited about.

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