A successful MockCOP

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Whilst the negotiations in Bonn were in full flow for COP23 (23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, hosted by Fiji), there was a similar tense atmosphere in the Debating Chamber of National Assembly for Wales in Ty Hywel in Cardiff on 10th November, where pupils from across Wales gathered, for MockCOP, to represent their nominated nations and agree a global resolution on Climate Change – much like the ‘real’ COP!

Here’s a video from the day:

We were thrilled with the quality of debate and the enthusiasm with which pupils got involved with the debate and came fully prepared to discuss, debate and argue their country’s perspectives on this most significant issue facing our future generations.

We are also very grateful to Tanya Steele, CEO WWF-UK, who took on the role of UN Secretary General, controlling the debate and negotiations, whilst reminding all nations of what is at stake if they get don’t get their resolutions right.



-Rita Singh, Director

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