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Exceptions. This act not applicable practitioners of medicine or surgery residing and practising in other States, who may summoned in special instances attend patients in the State any registered physician.

To board health, for every diploma certified, To officer before whom affidavit made, cents, To clerk court, for copy original professional essay writing service affidavit, cents To State custom order essays board health, for copy original affidavit, Qualification, Penalty. No person who has not received a medical degree at a public medical institution in the United States, or a license from the Maine Medical Association, shall recover compensation for medical or surgical services, unless previous such service had obtained a certificate good moral character from the municipal officers the town where then resided provided that every person not now practising medicine and surgery, who shall hereafter begin practise medicine and surgery in any its departments, shall possess the qualifications There are two boards examiners, representing the medical and chirurgical faculty the State and the State Homa?opathic Medical Societ respectively each consists seven members, appointed respectively those societies, physicians actually engaged in the practice medicine, and recognized abilit and honor but no physician having a pecuniary interest in the trade pharmacy can appointed.

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Suitable provisions must made each examining board prepare a schedule homework help persuasive essay written examination upon anatomy, physiology, chemistry, surgery, practice medicine, materia medica and therapeutics, obstetrics, gyngecology, pathology', medical jurisprudence and hygiene the same standard excellence required from all candidates in therapeutics and practice, the questions must in harmony write my paper for money with the tenets of the school selected the candidate and the standard acquirements therein established each board itself. The examination must fundamental in character and such as can answered in common all schools practice. Application for license made in writing the president either board medical examiners which the applicant may elect, with satisfactory proof that the applicant more than twenty-one years age, good moral character, has obtained a competent common-school education, and has either received a diploma conferring the degree Doctor Medicine from some legally incorporated medical college in the United States, or a diploma or license conferring the full right practise all the branches medicine and surger in some foreign country, and has also both studied medicine three years and attended three courses lectures in different years in some legally incorporated medical college or colleges prior the granting the diploma or foreign license two courses medical lectures both begun or completed within the same calendar ear not satisfy the requirement this condition not applicable patients who shall in their second year in a medical college, nor physicians practising at the time the passage the act. Such proof made, if required, upon aflBdavit, upon making the application and proof and paj ment of the fee.

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The president the board, if satisfied, must direct the secretary issue an order for examination, and when the applicant shall have passed an examination as proficiency satisfactory the board, the president must grant a license to practise medicine and surgery.

All the examinations are conducted that the name, school buying research papers online graduation, and preparatory training the applicant shall not made known the board till his examination papers have been graded.

An applicant receiving a majoritj the votes the board considered have passed a satisfactory examination and entitled a license. The board must refuse a license an applicant radically deficient in any essential branch. In case a failure, the candidate must have the privilege, after the expiration one year from his rejection, another examination the board to which his application was first made. A license, or a certified copy, must filed with the clerk the circuit court the county or city in which the licensee may practise the number the book and page containing the recorded copy must noted in the body license.


The records have the same weight as evidence that given the record conveyances land. Exceptions. The act does not apply commissioned surgeons the best essay websites European Union army, navy, or marine hospital service, physicians or surgeons in actual consultation from other States, nor persons temporarily practising under the supervision an actual medical preceptor, nor a midwife or person who may render gratuitous services in case emergency Penalty. Practising, or attempting practise, without a license a misdemeanor punishable with a fine for each offence, with confinement in jail, in default of payment, till fine and costs are paid a person practising is debarred from recovering compensation. To secretary board, before examination, To clerk court, for registration. In Massachusetts there no statute upon this subject. Qualification. It unlawful thesis advice practise medicine or surgery or any branch except dentistry, without the prescribed qualifications and registration in the office the county clerk A person who was practising when the law took effect, and had been practising continuously for at least five years prior thereto in the State, deemed qualified practise medicine after registration, as amended. A graduate a legally authorized medical college in the State, or any the European Union, or any other countr, is deemed qualified practise medicine and surgery in all departments after registration. A patient or undergraduate is not prohibited from practising with and under the immediate supervision a person legally qualified practise coursework history medicine A person qualified registers filing with the county clerk the count where practises, or intends practise, a sworn statement setting forth, if actually engaged in practice, the length time has been engaged in such continuous practice if a graduate a medical college, the name and location the same, when graduated and how long attended the same, and the school medicine which belongs thesis express if a patient or undergraduate, how long has been engaged in the study of medicine and where, and if has attended a medical college, its name and location and the length his attendance, and when, and the name and residence the physician inuler whose instruction practising, or intends practise.

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