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Appellant criticises the evidence as not sufRcient show that the work the port bow had any connection with the collision damages. In view the fact that the Bergen struck the Ranza the port bow with such force that the bow was stove in, and the concession appellant that, was the fair and reasonable value of the work and materials required repair such damage, this criticism without merit. The log does not state that any work was donc on board the first the five days, but the ship lay in the slip be repaired, and presumably shop preparation material was required before the work board could begin.

Since the fair cost repairs was concededly nearly, the two items, respectively allowed for surveyor's fees, are reasonable they include, besides survey and recommendations, the making specifications and contract for repairs, and superintending and passing upon the work both surveyors.

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The commissioner allowed.

buy cheap research paper for cables and from Liverpool. Appellant contends that this amount includes matters other than those directly concerned with the collision, such as notification loss propeller at sea, and arrangements for charter for next voyage. The respondent contends that the commissioner excluded such messages, and that the items which make. relate solely the collision and its sequela.

The record sets forth ail the messages in tull the price cents a word, and course, practicable make a list them draw off best assignment writing service the words which deal with the collision, and make a calculation their cost.

It not, however, expected that this court give its time such clerical work over items trivial in amount. Even if. includes ail the messages sent and received, the appellant concedes that covers many dispatches concerned solely with the collision. If wished have eliminated from certain items included the commissioner, should have prepared some tabulation which would show precisely what items make.

that this court could conveniently determine whether any correction required, and a shell extending between the lugs and the base, and held in position by The specifications error which relate the defense anticipation have not been insisted upon, and from the brief appellants it appears that the contentions upon which they rely are i that, in view the prior state the art, the claims sued are both invalid for lack invention that claim, at least, void, because contains nothing patentable over claim i noninfringement either claim. We find nothing in this record sustain the appellants contention that the production the subject-matter these claims did not involve invention.

The proofs clearly show that the sockets previously in use were unsatisfactory, research papers to buy and that they were practically superseded the Lange sockets and while such facts not in ail cases necessarily import invention, think that under the circumstances this case the inference that the inventive faculty, buy essays online reviews and not merely the skill the calling, was exercised, cannot avoided.

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The construction a socket meet practical requirements, presented a problem much difficulty, and was that problem that Lange directed his attention. As stated in his specification, his object was simplify and improve the mechanical construction of the device, and thereby lessen its parts and increase its durability, and this object attained the assembling the three main parts or division the structure the base, the mechanism, and the exterior shell into one unit mechanically, in a convenient, strong, and serviceable manner. As complainant's expert correctly explained, daims and have particular reference those features the construction which the several parts are adapted one another and held together. Claim i addressed the union the socket-base with the base-plate the interior mechanism means the lugs, and into which the screws are threaded, and through which they pass into the recesses in the base-plate whereby the interior mechanism held in position, whether the exterior shell present or not, and permitting the removal the latter, while the base-plate, with its connection and the wires leading thereto, college essay online help remain undisturbed and claim evidently directed the method holding the exterior shell clamping in position between the lugs and the base, whereby a strong gripping pressure is exerted hold the shell against displacement rough handling, the weight the shade, and the like, while permitting be quickly and readily removed the simple loosening the two screws. The beneficiai resuit achieved was a construction in which a base thin sheet metal could used, while at the same time providing a satisfactory means uniting and fastening the several parts and this was accomplished, not borrowing anything frora the prior art, nor applying the custom college essay skill a mechanic or electrical engineer, but the conception and adoption means which the existing art, as disclpsed the prior patents adduced the defendants, did not have nor suggest. We are satisfied that the views the complainant's expert respecting them are correct, and, accepting his testimony, without i need help writing a essay for college expanding this opinion quoting results that cannot affirm the appellants proposition that the Lange apparatus did not involve any act invention, or anything more than the expected skill the calling, applied the Each these claims for a combination, and, though true that several important elements are common both them, yet claim I calls for a recess in the base-plate fitting over the lugs, while claim does not and claim not only contains the first mention a shell, but also defines the particular shell intended as a shell extending between the lugs and base, and held in position by pressure. Hence appears that the two claims are certainly not identical, and, in our opinion, the difference between them with reference the patent law, a substantial and material one. As has already been said, claim directed the method holding the exterior shell clamping in position between the lugs and base, whereby a strong gripping pressure exerted hold the shell against displacement and this the specification makes perfectly The screws, pass freely through the flange the base, and screw Into the lugs, and means them the outer shell may held flrmiy between the flange the base and the lug.

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