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Or again in Reg. Thompson Liverpool, The prisoner had stabbed his wife in the cheek. The wound was severe but not mortal. Two days later she was delivered a child in the infirmary which she was taken. She died nine days later puerperal fever. The prisoner was acquitted on the charge murder, as there was no necessary connection between the wound and the puerperal fever.

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Acquittals have taken place in cases death occasioned terror or dread of impending danger produced acts violence, as in the case Reg. Heany Gloucester Lent Ass.. Here the prisoner in an altercation with his wife, who was suffering from cancer, held a knife in a threatening manner, but did not touch her.

This gave her a shock she died two days later from fright.

As there was no distinct proof that death was accelerated this act, the prisoner was acquitted the charge murder. Taylor found among a large number cases occurring in England during twenty years that the latent causes death, as registered in wounded persons, were chiefly inflammation the thoracic or abdominal essay editor for students viscera, apoplexy, diseases the heart and large blood-vessels, phthisis, ruptures the stomach and bowels from disease, internal strangulation, and the rupture deep-seated abscesses.

Sometimes the person was in good health the time injur, while in other cases there was merely a slight indisposition. It was only carefulness the part pay someone to write my essay the medical experts that the true cause of Again, may claimed that death was not necessaril the result the wound and was avoidable good medical TREATMENT.

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There are many cases wounds not mortal with proper and skilled treatment which might become improper treatment. They may thus become directly mortal by interfering with a source hemorrhage which had been arrested, or secondarily mortal infection the wound med Taylor Medical Jurisprudence.

dlesome treatment. It would depend the medical witnesses determine whether and how far the treatment had been responsible buy academic papers for the fatal result.

If the wound not itself mortal and has only become from improper treatment, this should a mitigating circumstance in favor the accused. Medically speaking, can seldom make the sharp distinction which thesis publishing Hale did legally between a wound becoming mortal from improper treatment and one in which improper treatment causes death irrespective the wound. In case a slight wound this distinction might possible, but not in case severe wounds. Also there would probably no conviction, as far as the medical evidence concerned, if the wound was only mortal in consequence improper treatment and not mortal as its usvial and probable result. This may naturally introduce the question the comparative help me write a speech research paper on sale skill in TREATMENT. If death entirely or partly due a wound the responsibility an assailant not altered unskilful treatment. The entire question the relation the wound the fatal result and the effect this result the treatment emplo left determined the medical experts, and in its solution great writing help care and judgment must used.

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