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The certificate must set forth the branches the medical art in which the person qualified practise rfo..

The certificate must recorded in the clerk's office the county in which the holder resides, if not a resident the State, in the county in which obtained his certificate A certificate issued a board censors valid throughout the State after being duly recorded.

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The censors may revoke or annul a certificate if in their judgment the holder has obtained fraudulently or has forfeited his right public confidence the conviction crime. Penalty, To practise medicine, surgery, or midwifery in the State, or sign a certificate death for burial or removal unless authorized a certificate issued and recorded, punishable with a fine for the first offence, and for subsequent offences with a fine, recoverable an action debt for the use any person who sues or indictment.. No person practising either the branches medicine, surgery, professional essay writing help or midwifery permitted enforce in the courts the collection a fee or compensation for services rendered or best essay writers online medicine or material furnished in the practice any the branches for which has not a certificate.


The law does not apply best resume writing services 2014 the practice of dentistry, nor the practice midwifery women in the write my essay for cheap town or locality in which they reside, need help writing my research paper nor practitioners of medicine who resided and practised medicine in the State for five years previous November. Board Examiners. There a State board medical examiners consisting three members from each congressional district and two from the State at large, and five homoeopathic physicians from the State at large Code.

The board composed men learned in medicine and surgery appointed the governor from a list names recommended the Medical Society Virginia, together with five homoeopathic physicians nominated him the doctor Medical Society the Old Dominion. The recommendations are required votes a majority present at some meeting such society but if the governor considers any person recommended unsuitable may decline appoint him, in which case such society shall within ninety days after notification make another recommendation, and if the society fail to make a recommendation the governor required appoint such board in whole or in part without regard such recommendation. If any examiner cease reside in the district for which was appointed his office deemed vacant, The regular meetings the board are required held at least once a year, and at such times and places as the board may prescribe, and special meetings may held the call of the president and any five members..

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The board at any its meetings must examine all persons making application them who desire to practise medicine or surgery when an applicant shall have passed an examination satisfactory as proficiency before the board in session the president must grant a certificate that effect. If any applicant fail pass a satisfactory examination before the board shall not permitted stand a further examination within the next three months, nor shall required again pay the fees prescribed, but no applicant shall rejected his examination account his adherence any particular school medicine or system practice, nor account his views as the where to buy a term paper method treatment and the When, in the opinion the president the board, the applicant has been prevented good cause from appearing before the board, shall appoint a committee three members who shall examine the applicant and may grant a certificate having the same effect as though granted a full board, until the applicant have an opportunity appear before the board, when, if fail appear for examination, the president shall have the authority revoke said certificate or in any case the president shall have authority, at his discretion, to grant a special permit any applicant practise medicine until shall have an opportunity appear before the board in session for examination, revokable at the discretion the president.

The board has in its discretion authority accept in lieu examination a certificate from a medical board any other State, showing that the applicant has passed a satisfactory examination as his proficienc, and obtained a license from said board practise medicine and surgery in said State, as amended.

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A person obtaining a certificate from the president the board must cause recorded in the clerk's office the county or the corporation court, the count or corporation in which resides, if resides in the city Richmond, in the clerk's office the chancery court the said city?. No person who shall have commenced the practice medicine or surgery since January, or who shall hereafter commence the practice the same, shall practise as a physician or surgeon for compensation without having obtained a certificate and caused recorded. Penalty. The violation this act punishable with a fine for each ofi ence, and the violator is debarred from receiving compensation for services rendered as a physician or surgeon a person assessed with a license tax as a physician or surgeon any commissiouer revenue prior to July, shall taken as having commenced the practice medicine or surgery prior that date but an person who shall not have been assessed shall taken as not having commenced such practice prior that date, Non-Residents. A physician or surgeon residing in an adjoining State within ten miles the boundary line this State, entitled stand the examination and receive a certificate, and the certificate must recorded in that county in the State nearest his place residence, and such certificate and recordation shall make lawful for him practise medicine and surgery in this State. Exceptions. fast essay writing service This chapter does not affect practitioners of dentistry, nor include physicians or surgeons residing in other States called into consultation in a special case with a physician or surgeon residing in this State, nor does affect in any way the laws in reference-to the license tax, nor does apply midwives. To the board examiners, before examination, as amended. To the clerk the court, for recording, same fee as for recording a deed.

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