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Prolong the incision forward and backward as to expose the cornua.

The size and contents the ventricles should noted, as also the condition the epend The floor the lateral ventricles being the most frequent spot of hemorrhage, if one found its extent and the parts involved should noted especially its relation the internal Transverse incisions paraphrasing matters about term papers sale one-sixteenth an inch apart are made through the ganglia seen the floor the lateral ventricles. Thus any lesions in the substance the ganglia will disclosed.

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Three or four longitudinal incisions are now made outward into the hemispheres nearly the pia mater.

These will divide the hemispheres into long, prism-shaped pieces held together the pia mater and a little the cortex, thus enabling the brain afterward folded together, and the relations lesions the brain as a whole studied.

The third ventricle now exainined letter writing help online cutting through the fornix and corpus callosum at the foramen Monroe. Next, the fourth ventricle help with creating a thesis statement opened a longitudinal incision through the lower portion the vermiform process its contents, the condition of its vessels and ependyma noted.

Then the floor the fourth ventricle divided transverse incisions one-sixteenth an inch apart, and careful examination made for the presence of minute hemorrhages for here a place in the body where almost a microscopical lesion hemorrhage may cause sudden death. Each hemisphere the cerebellum now opened a number incisions starting from the fourth ventricle and passing outward into its substance. The presence an tumors or hemorrhage in the cerebellum will now recognized. In opening the brain, when clots, areas softening, tumors, etc.

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are discovered, their exact location in relation surrounding parts should noted and the blood-vessels examined for areas degeneration or aneurism. This examination can be facilitated allowing a stream water flow college essay community service over the affected part. This will wash out the affected area and allow the vessels appear. Eye.

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In rare cases may necessary remove the eye. This can done breaking through the roof the orbit with a saw or chisel and dissecting away the muscles as to expose the optic nerve and the posterior portion the organ.

The body being placed its back, and the operator standing the right side, an incision made through the skin, fascia, and muscles from the top the sternum the pubic bone, passing the left the umbilicus and dividing everything down the sternum and the subperitoneal tissue. A small incision now made through the peritoneum below the ensiform cartilage. Into this opening two fingers the left hand are inserted, and spreading the fingers and holding the good essay writing service knife horizontally the peritoneum can divided the pubes without injuring the intestines. The skin and muscles are now dissected from the chest as far back as the false ribs. This dissection may facilitated keeping the skin and muscles the stretch and cutting with the flat part the knife. In order better expose the abdominal cavity, the recti muscles are divided beneath the skin at their insertion in the pubic bone. Examine the cut surface the chest and abdominal muscles, and note their color, amount, and consistency. Observe whether the chest muscles show the evidence any parasitic disease such as trichinosis.

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