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The secondary writing essay help results the shock, aside from the injuries, may very slight or again may serious and lasting.

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They are far more apt the first class, and when long or continued motor or sensory changes unconnected with injuries follow, are justified in suspecting mental or psychical i need someone to write my assignment phenomena. One class secondary results the motor.

In addition weakness, unsteadiness and tremor the limbs and trunk, it not uncommon for the patient suffer from grand rhythmical movements, at first, perhaps, ghostwriters for hire all extremities, but soon limited the extremity or extremities which were most exposed or injured the current.

We have personally seen these movements, and feel convinced that they can distinguished from most the ordinary forms convulsive motions and tremors. The whole limb moved at once and not separate muscles, and the movement a large, rhythmical one, slow and co-ordinated, paraphrasing and summarizing not at all suggestive tremor. Movements this character are sometimes seen in so-called functional disease hysteria and allied conditions.

They more nearly resemble the movements seen in some forms Jacksonian epilepsy than any others known as occurring in organic disease, but I believe them in these cases always strongly suggestive, if not absolutely significant, functional affections. A case reported Dr. Robert, El Paso, well illustrates this condition.

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The patient, a male, twenty-eight years old, received a shock through a telephone wire. When seen first, reaction was slowly taking place, the entire muscular system was in clonic convulsions. Temperature pulse rapid and low tension respiration no cerebral symptoms.

An hour later the movements were limited the left upper and the right lower extremities, and there was pain running from the region the spine down the left arm. Twenty-four hours after the shock, temperature.

respiration pulse. Had slept well, but the movements in the left arm had never ceased. The next day these motions were limited the muscles the forearm, buy term paper cost and the fourth day they had wholly cheapest essay writing service ceased. These convulsions consisted in extensive motions the whole extremity or muscles or muscle-groups, and not simple tremor. If the movements were forcibly controlled, severe pain ensued. Next the motor symptoms the sensory are the most important. Pain not infrequently occurs after the recovery of consciousness in the affected limb apt sharp, severe, darting and neuralgic in character. This may last at intervals write my apa paper for some days, a dull ache occurring at first between the intermissions. It disappears itself in time without lasting effects. Hypersesthesia may exist at first.

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