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Muscular Contractions. Another effect electricitjwhich externally visible the human system muscular contraction. Slight muscular contractions are produced purposely in many cases in medical treatment therapeutically or for the sake diagnosis.

When the stimuli are sufficiently strong and follow each other with great rapidity, or when a strong continuous current passed through the muscles, they are brought into a state continuous contraction or tetanus, and in this condition they will remain for a long period or until the electric stimulus removed.

In cases where a severe electric shock received as from an electric wire, assignment writing services the muscles which come in contact with the wire immediately contract and remain contracted while the current continues pass through them. As a result this often find that when a severe electric shock has been received through the hands means a wire or other conductor the sufferer's hands are involuntarily closed upon the wire or conductor, and cannot unclosed any voluntary effort until the current stopped.

While thus holding the conductor the hands are often very severely burnt. Under these circumstances a strong force is required remove a person from a charged wire if the current not turned off, and can only done at a considerable risk unless those expert and provided with special means. Not only the muscles immediately help finishing thesis college essay ideas help in contact with the conductor, but nearly all the voluntary uc essay help muscles the body may thus affected a powerful current. Another effect this involuntary muscular contraction the forcible muscular movements produced the shock. As previously stated, when a sufficiently strong shock occurs, the voluntary muscles the trunk and limbs may thrown into sudden contraction in such a manner as throw the person expert writing services violentl and forcibly to the ground, or against some object or objects in the neighborhood.

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In this way one may propelled several feet, and many varieties surgical injury may caused. Rarely the force the contraction such as itself rupture muscles write my research paper or tendons, and might even fracture bones or dislocate joints We pass now what may consider the internal or essential conditions electric shock, leaving the mental or psychical results for examination later. ESSENTIAL OR INTERNAL SYMPTOMS. When a person receives a severe electric shock, the symptoms are usually as follows In the first place there may be little or nothing except a burn or burns, though usually there some sensation at the moment the shock. This may a simple dizziness, and often accompanied the sensation of a brilliant flash light before the eyes, and sometimes a sense impending danger.

Usually, however, there a loss consciousness more or less complete and more or less lasting according the severity the shock and the character and course the current. In the less severe cases this gradually passes awaj and in many cases the patient, although weak and feeling shaken and tired, suffers no further ill effects beyond those the burns and mechanical injuries.

Sometimes there follows a general tremor which may last a few hours or for days, and occasionally a clonic rhythmical buy essays online cheap spasm one or more extremities.

The loss consciousness may, however, be accompanied or followed a condition coUapse, in which the pale face, profuse perspiration, cold extremities, and feeble pulse all suggest the medicine stimulants custom research papers and restoratives. As a rule, in the stage unconsciousness the face is reddened and rather cyanotic. The pupils are dilated as a ride and the respiration stertorous or absent the pulse may full or feeble, sometimes imperceptible for a time. The unconsciousness sometimes lasts for hours, and all means stimulation, electricity, artificial respiration, rubbing, have be applied before the patient can restored. Sometimes this condition succeeded delirium Moj. In a certain number cases the shock immediately fatal, and in others the patients cannot recalled from their unconsciousness.

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