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The varieties such accidents dependent the sudden loss consciousness produced the electricity are, course, innumerable, and their occurrence must largely depend upon the position the victim at the moment the shock.

We see, perhaps, most these accidents in linemen the tops poles or houses or in other exposed places, but persons who receive essays on helping the needy shocks when simply standing the ground or when sitting are not exempt from severe surgical injuries other than burns. They are often cast the ground with great violence, and not infrequently are thrown a distance several feet. This caused the violent muscular contraction produced the electric shock, and may occasion, like any violent push or fall, severe injuries from contact with the various objects against which they may forced. Although much rarer, also possible that the violence these muscular contractions may such as themselves cause injury, as rupture a muscle or tendon. As practically all these indirect accidents are traumatic and surgical in character, they not differ from other accidents similar in kind, but otherwise caused, and are treated the same general principles as Quite different from the indirect are the direct accidents those produced the immediate direct action the electricity. These are various kinds, which shall consider separately.

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They maj divided into immediate and late symptoms, and they vary much according the severity the shock and the constitution the patient, and the pftrt the body through which the electricit passes. The character the current which gives the shock, whether constant or interrupted, also naturally has an influence the effect. General Principles. A shock may given in three ways with an ordinary galvanic battery.

If the current be sufficiently strong, a distinct shock will produced when the circuit closed and again when the circuit opened, while with a current the usual strength for medical purposes, the sensation while the current passing through the body steadily much less and often limited a sensation burning at the seat the electrode. A shock also thirdl produced a reversal the current, and the shock book writing help thus caused is stronger for the same current than that produced in either of The strength writing a doctoral dissertation these shocks shown both the sensation produced and the amount muscular contraction caused. When now a shock caused a continuous or constant current which starts from an ordinary namo or other electric generator or storer, practically alwayS caused by the opening or closing the circuit, what essentialh the same, the diversion a part or the whole the current from its proper path and through some portion the human body causes a shock at the time the entrance the body into the circuit and another at the time its exit therefrom. Shocks from reversal current when such current arises from a constant machine might occur, but onl through some peculiar accident. Hence the shocks distinguished from any other effects electricity which are received the person coming into contact with a constant current are felt college essay help long island only at the moment entering the circuit closure and leaving opening. If a person introduces himself between the two wires an electric circuit in which a constant current used, in such a manner as cause the current pass through his body, will feel the shock only at the moment when touches the second wire and completes the circuit, and at the moment when he lets one the wires and opens the circuit unless the current strong or placed that can divert himself sufiScient electricity cause a shock, in other words, close a secondary circuit in some other way. While the current is passing throuigh the body, although may burn and cause tingling and other unpleasant symptoms, there no proper shock. In other words, an electric shock caused only a change in the amount electricity passing through the body or If now consider the effects alternating currents, find that have another factor deal with. The general principles are exactly the same, but inasmuch as the reversal shock stronger than the closure or opening shocks, other things being equal, are likely best personal statement writing services receive a stronger shock from a current the same force, and in addition this, as in alternating machines the reversals occur with considerable rapidity, the person who becomes connected with this circuit receives a number essay writing company reviews strong shocks within a short space time.

Umi thesis

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This a much more serious matter than permit a current equal strength flow through the body without change. Faradism. The effect this form electricity the human body first stimulating and then i need help starting an essay tetanizing the muscles. It consists in a very rapidly interrupted current, the shocks being at times frequent that they are not singly perceptible. There probably also a distinct difference in the action this current from that the galvanic current aside from its rapid interruption.

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