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In this case, when the current, volts was applied from the forehead the leg, the resistance was practically steady at only ohms. Of ourse the small resistance in these cases electrocutions depends largely the perfect contact secured.

According the amount resistance offered the effects severe shocks electricitj differ.

ghost writer for college papers This shown especially well in the action lightning, but also true powerful currents produced mechanically. If the resistance the skin RESISTANCE MECHANICAL EFFECTS. slight at the moment entering the circuit a strong current, the current will pass through with comparative ease and without causing much injury but if the other hand the resistance great, the current will as were, momentarily retarded or stored, heat will developed, and there will ensue a burning and charring the tissue a special kind. These burns occur principally at the places where the current specially resisted, that at the point entrance the current to the bod and at its point exit.

This the cause the frequent burns in the heel or sole the foot in the case those struck lightning while standing, as the electricity passes away from the body into the ground and finds a strong resistance at the point leaving the body.

Thesis assistance writing

This also the cause the burns where the current leaves the body from any other cause, as from the contact or proximit a metallic object.

The greater the resistance long as the current passes, other things being equal, the more severe the burn.

It for this reason that in medical electricity usually use wet sponges the skin or electrodes moistened with salt and water or with other best essay cheap fluids which will assist in rendering the passage of the electricity through the skin more easy. Solutions chlorid sodium and certain other salts this. The mechanical eflfects currents vary thus according the resistance encountered. They also vary according the intensit or concentration the current. If a current moderate force applied through a small metallic point, will burn, pain, and produce active irritative symptoms, while if the same amount applied over a large surface simultaneously, may have little or no irritating customized research paper eflFect.

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We have, therefore, three factors in determining the mechanical effect any electric current the body the condition the body, that the amount resistance which the current will encounter at its entrance and exit the amount and intensity the current the character the current.

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For practical purposes the more severe currents have only deal with The direct symptoms produced powerful mechanical currents electricity may divided into three classes The mechanical II. The essential or internal III. The mental or These classes are fairly distinct, but they are not absolute, and certain symptoms need help writing assignment are the borders. The most important mechanical essay on helping the needy symptoms produced by these currents are burns. These occur at all points strong buy and sell research papers resistance externally, hence especially at the points entrance and departure the current. They vary from all grades, from the lightest possible, where only the fine hairs the skin are singed, those extraordinary depth and severity. The characteristic burn from powerful currents however, well distinguished. It consists in a deep hole various shapes with clearcut edges surrounded an inflamed area and containing in its cavity a mass blackened tissue which only college essay help service separates from the portions below after several days, and causes a wound which, though not very painful, heals very slowly. The severity electric burns often at first sight underrated, and their duration, when severe, unexpectedly long.

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