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These and many other the various results wounds and injuries the extremities, causing deformity or disability, or both, can often cured or improved surgical treatment or operation.

Professor Surgery in the University Buffalo Attending Surgeon the Buffalo General Hospital Fellotoof the German Congress Surgeons the european Orthopasdic Association the european Genito-Urinary Surgeons Association the New York Academy Few medical men there are who have long engaged in practice who have not been compelled take part in some medicolegal controversy in cases accidental or alleged homicidal gunshot wounds.

So soon as death occurs the surgeon ceases work as such, but may continue work as a medical jurist, and in preparation for this event must read answer any questions bearing upon the case which, though possibly ridiculous in surgery, are or may necessary in law. He may be called upon testify as the precise nature a wound inflicted upon the body a man seen before or after death as to the means which was inflicted whether the purport was suicidal or homicidal how much blood was lost whether the weapon was near or at a distance from the body when fired whether were possible that the deceased could have fired it himself whether after the reception the wound the person could have moved or performed any act in other words, whether death was instantaneous.

He may asked also as genuine or spurious blood-stains, whether genuine blood-stains were human or from some other animal whether possibly they were from the body the deceased.

He will expected tell from what direction the bullet or missile was fired which the wound entrance and which exit, and many other things possible concerning the circumstances under which death occurred. It unnecessary state that questions this nature call not only for conventional surgical skill, but for the highest degree shrewdness and general information, as well as sometimes for expert knowledge with regard small-arms and their It has been phd dissertation database well said that the first duty a medical jurist cultivate a habit minute observation. When this combined with a knowledge what the law requires and with the results a technical education, will able meet all or nearly all the scientific questions which may asked of him. A learned judge once said that a medical man when he sees a dead body should notice every thing. Certainly he should make a minute scrutiny the body note whether there are upon the dress or hands the deceased marks of blood, or whether blood-stains are noted in different parts of the room whether the body or any part cold or warm whether the limbs are cold or rigid or pliant, since these means the accurate date death may more accurately determined. In determining facts attending a suspicious case gunshot wound, there should noted, if known, the exact time of death, as well as infliction the wound location and attitude the body condition clothing anything importance in its environment external appearance of the body, as well as state countenance exact description all marks violence and blood-stains the presence cadaveric rigidity and the surface upon which cadaver has been lying, as well as its age and condition general nourishment time when deceased was personal statement service oxbridge last seen alive or known to have been alive time after death at which examination is made all physical online writing help circumstances custom essay writing corroborating or arousing suspicions suicide or homicide account an accurate internal post-mortem examination, buy a college paper in which direction the bullet or missile noted, along with a careful description parts disturbed or injured in its course, large vessels or nerves cut across, efifusions blood, and in every way as accurate a description as possible the exact damage done. To this also should added a minute scrutiny other parts, in order to establish clearl that death was due the alleged injury, or on the other hand that may have resulted from natural causes, and that the injurj in question was only a consecutive and contributing cause. Especially should there examined those organs in which occur the most common causes death, namely, the brain, the heart and great blood-vessels, and the viscera. Moreover, if an operation buy cheap thesis online has been performed the post-mortem examiner should prepared speak with reason able positiveness as whether said operation in the dissertation for phd first place, necessary if life were preserved, and, in the second place, whether death were due the injury proper or the attempt save life thus made necessarj.

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For the determination all this, obviously the best time for the performance of the examination the earliest possible reliable essay writing service moment after death. ISTevertheless, bodies are sometimes exhumed for this purpose, and much information obtainable even after a considerable If death has been caused a bullet which has not passed through the body, but lodged, should all means obtained, since evidence the greatest value inhere Moreover, in first noting the position the body, the direction of the wound, or the location a blood-clot upon the floor best freelance writing websites or clothing or elsewhere, may indicate the surgeon or other astute person the point at which the bullet may found concealed or buried in some soft or hard object.

This bullet online essay service should recovered, if possible, at all events, although if taken from the body itself the evidence conveys may possibly weigh more heavily than if removed from some object outside the body. The exact number gunshot wounds with a minute description and location each should committed paper at once, as well as any statement, if at all reliable, concerning the number shots help on writing a thesis fired, since valuable deductions may reached as to the number bullets which have passed through or which have lodged within the body. It well sometimes, also, before dissecting out the bullet wound, insert first a stiff and then a flexible probe or something which shall, if possible, follow the bullet-track, since occasionally a question comes the direction in which was fired.

Even though surgeons weU know that such questions are impossible satisfactory answer, owing the manner in which a bullet diverted in its course the various tissues the body, will nevertheless create a good impression as the thoroughness and exactness an examination should brought out, in answer questioning, that this had been done. Many an excellent surgeon has been surprised upon the stand the question from one the counsel as whether knew that some certain writer had stated that was always well, in trying determine the course and direction a bullet, put the patient or the body, as the case might in the exact position in which was when the shot was fired, providing this known. The accomplished surgeon knows that this a matter very trifling import, but the witness status will much better established with the jury if can show himself familiar with this possible method examination. When a suspected person brought before a magistrate, accused homicidal attempt, very likely that the judge will require a written statement or opinion from the surgeon in attendance as the extent and danger the victim's injuries, and especially as whether these are a character dangerous life. The meaning these words left entirely the sagacity the surgeon. A mere naked declaration this fact insufificient.

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